Robina Larker

20 thoughts on “Robina Larker”

  1. I love Robina’s humorous outlook. That last photo makes me scared for her, but is this a Twilight situation or a normal person situation (stranger in your bedroom is bad)? I really enjoyed how you built up the secret world by slowly introducing elements of it allowing the audience to figure out what’s happening.

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    1. Aw, thanks! I just tried to have Robina react the way a person in a non-magical world would. As for the stranger part, I think the situation is more Twilight Zone than Twilight.

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  2. Love how you added the story to the pictures. Funny moments were the “not me” and ‘Also not me” annotations which had me laughing from the start. Great story! And who doesn’t like a cute vampire to add some spice?!

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